Saturday, 7 January 2017

UAS: Greek law enters into force

On 1.1.2017 entered into force the Greek law on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), which is the Decision of the Director of the Greek Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) No Δ/ΥΠΑ/21860/1422. The Decision applies to all UAS that fly within Greek airspace or within international airspace, but inside the Flight Information Region (FIR) / Upper Information Region (UIR) of Greece. 

Implementing legislative measures of the Decision are pending, which means that details on the application of its provisions are not yet known.  Furthermore, many provisions of the Decision are based on the Prototype Commission Regulation on Unmanned AircraftOperations published by EASA on 22 August 2016 for consultation purposes. This is an additional hurdle to the implementation of the Decision, since this EASA Prototype Regulation has not entered into force and contains rules on areas that belong to the competence of the EU, such as product safety rules.